Saturday, February 17, 2007

Throw EVERY RePig OUT in '08 !

...America's Decline.....brought to you by the same people who own the stenographic media : the neo-con GOP...!...!...!...!...!

When a Fetid Party controlled by Dominionist "Christians" who grew up as ChickenHawks that were too cowardly to fight in Vietnam dictates to the American People from the sanctified Whitehouse ? When all they can " Accomplish " are the Swift-Boasting , anti-democratic tactics and tacticians who spew jingoistic words that , while sounding "patriotic" , are 180% opposed to their actual actions ?? And WHILE they falsely accuse their Constitutionally guaranteed critics of treason ???

You KNOW you live in Bushit Amerika !


Even after the reductionist results of the '06 elections ... and the new Democratic "Majority" in Congress which is dedicated to opposing Republicanism in it's all it's foulness , fails in the Senate to get enough votes from the Rubberstamp RePigs to pass anything more controversial than TupperWare ????????????????

Welcome to Bushit Amerika !

Please , Enjoy what Rubber-stamp RePiglicanism brings to your life:

---At the funeral, Kayla stood solemn next to her mother's flag-draped casket, the folded flag laid into her small arms.

---Then came the dawning of the family's new reality — the emotional, the practical, the financial.

---There was a lawyer to hire to get legal guardianship. There were survivors' benefits to apply for. There was a trust to set up. There was health insurance to obtain for Kayla. Inexplicably, there was no official will left behind.

---For the Jaenkes, the trouble was not that raising Kayla is so expensive but that their entire financial picture shifted with Jaime's death. Jaime's checks immediately stopped. Larry Jaenke was out of work for a time. The family paid $2,800 for a handsome headstone. The stable was still losing money.

---Last fall, Susan Jaenke watched as Jaime's pickup truck, and then her car, were repossessed.

---The family scraped by, thanks to acts of kindness, Susan Jaenke said. When the Jaenkes' dryer broke, nearby Seabee units stepped up to replace it. The Seabees have come three times to do finishing work on the stable, which Susan Jaenke says she will not give up. Kayla is there all the time, she said, and giving it up would be like losing what is left of Jaime.

---The local Veterans of Foreign Wars gave the family a $1,000 Target gift card, which she said made the family's Christmas.

---Since October, the Jaenke family has been collecting monthly government benefits for Kayla's care — $1,700 in all — but not enough to replace Jaime's contributions. From Iraq, she had been sending home $3,200 a month, her mother said. The child's father, long estranged, does not pay child support, Susan Jaenke said.

---The Jaenkes can request money from Kayla's trust for certain expenses related to the girl's "health, education, maintenance and welfare," but the process involves lawyers and court appearances. The court recently agreed to a $200 monthly stipend for the family.

---"The court is just very conservative here in Iowa," said Mona Bowden, an attorney for the Jaenkes.---

Nothing to get outraged about here folks,,,move along . "American Idol" will soon be on !


"SupportTheTroops" : JUST aNother Republicanist Slogan

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