Saturday, February 03, 2007

MSNBC : Stenographers for the GOP ?

Our first screen-cap is from a professional journalistic organization; C-SPAN . They were covering Bush speaking to the Democratic Caucus today.
he second one I took is from a Schizophrenic news org that seems to be ( part-time ) parroting Republican talking points . On one hand , MSNBC reveals they know it's Democratic Party . On their other , lazy hand , it's the Democrat Party ! All morning long this crawl-crap read this way .
21st century Yellow TV Journalism or simple (minded) mistake ? Are they MSNBC or MFNBC ?

Oh yeah , one more thing about the " MSNBC Live " shoddy or biased coverage this morning ? Their clueless reporter couldn't figure out why ; ( paraphrasing ) "...although there nearly 500 in attendance yesterday , only about half of that number attended the speeches of the Dem presidential contenders today ..." . . . I guess MSNBC couldn't figure out ( from their OWN coverage ) that something like 200 of yesterday's attendees , Congressional Democrats ; were IN A DIFFERENT ROOM LISTENING TO BUSH's SPEECH ! ? ! Come on MSNBC Chief Dan Abrams ,,, Buy your reporters and crawl-writers A CLUE !

We report ,,, YOU decide !


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