Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ashcroft's Justice Dept "pizza party" for JESUS !

Good old John should also invite Mary LeDoux the Principal of Brooksville Elementary School in Brooksville, Florida , and Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito so they can splurge on pizza with Holy Oil ,,,, God's own fluid ! MMMMMmmmm , My Favorite !!!

We all CHEER for PIZZA and the Constitution that ensures our democratic republic when WE hear 'bout:

Mary LeDoux prayed and blessed students' desks with prayer oil.

And , that oldie but goodie:

A group of three ministers who have a history of advocating that

the Ten Commandments should trump the U.S. Constitution have

told the
Wall Street Journal that they entered an unlocked Senate
hearing room in order to anoint with oil the chairs that will be used
for the confirmation hearing ... of Supreme Court nominee Judge

Samuel Alito.

WTF ?!???

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