Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This movie's ending pissed me OFF !


"They Shoot Horses, don't they?" (it's an old movie/book sure , but I just saw it .
So if you haven't and want to,,,STOP READING )

I t was wonderful up to the end . Great human drama . Gig Young more than deserved his Best Supporting Oscar . Watched it on TCM and can't get over the ending . A 2+ hour investment wasted . Were people such wimpy losers back in the thirty's that they'd bend over and take whatever was shoved up it ? I know,,, suffering from 3rd year of the Great Depression (GD) , 50 some days awake and not in their right minds . YadaYada . I would have not liked or agreed with , but would have understood if they'd have burned the entire dance hall down , killing hundreds because they snapped , went mad , insane & shit eating crazy ! At least throw something through the window .

That's what I expect folk will do whenever the next GD occurs . Can you imagine batshit Americans taking it up the ass while fat cats swoon and swill ? We shall see if "Eat the Rich" will continue to be just a slogan in the US of A . I like mine with a bit of fava beansssss,s,s,s,s,s,s,s .

But to shoot her in the head and go directly to jail to hang 'cause "...she asked me to..." ??? And the tie in to the title,,,lame-o . Sorry Charlie , I just can't believe it . Not credible . Unlike the GD , when (previously) rich guys jumped to their deaths because there was nobody to hold responsible ; there was someone to hold accountable here . The thieving bastard , the Gig Young character who let "Gloria" suck him off knowing she could never win . Go back to the hall , put the gun to his head , tell the crowd how big a thief he is . Get the crowd on your side , something , whatever . If that didn't work , then shoot him in the face and kill yourself . I'd buy that . Hell , I'd maybe even buy it if they told the crowd the truth (ignoring Gig) and in a public display , repeat the original ending .

Oh well, maybe I'm just an illiterate dumbass who wouldn't know symbolism if it shot me in the head . But I can't abide stories I can't believe . No matter how connected to great literature they are .


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