Monday, February 05, 2007

"Dad" is troop-speak for today's Bushit "Nam" in Iraq

When the CowardlyBushiters with more important things to do than to fight Vietnam themselves sent our men & women to "Die for His Lie" , we knew great songs like this were on the way:

Legendary folk guitarist Richard Thompson recorded an anti-war song which is told from the viewpoint of a US soldier who fears being killed in Iraq.

"Lately at concerts he's been singing a song in protest against the Iraq war titled 'Dad's Gonna Kill Me,'" Goldstein writes. "'Dad,' Thompson explains to audiences, is grunt-speak for 'Baghdad,' much as ''Nam' once meant 'Vietnam.'"

BTW, when does the "leeder" of America send the drunken BushitTwins to be cannon-fodder ?

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