Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Event . . .

An ironic story which illuminates the vast difference between "Christians" who actually follow what Jesus taught . . .

And in your face , political "Christianists" , AKA Dominionists ; who just covet the corrupt power of mammon !'s a brief example------

The president's game plan for the second presidential debate ... (that I caught on TV) ... was thrown into confusion when, midway into answering a question on the Middle East war, he heard a swooshing sound and turned to see that his Democratic challenger had disappeared...Vanished.

---"Space aliens?!" (she wondered )

---I thought she'd laugh.

---She didn't.

---"Unless it's the Rapture," she said.

---"No , no ...that's obviously not the case here. Because, Priscilla, I have been on the phone for a half hour, and not a single Christian I know has disappeared."

(((this is fascinating , check out his bio too . Read the rest of the story at:



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