Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jesus CHRIST !

A debate is happening tonight between evolutionists and Bushit-sent-by-God , so-called Christians ; THE Crazy F@ck Force , ...

This is the subject line from "them" ::: ID debate tonight; Darwin and Hitler

Is that enough to convince you that these NutBag Christio-Fascists are dangerous to American democracy ?

No ? ? ?

OK ,,, --------------here's ----------------------------------my "proof" in ,,, their own words -------------------------------------

Wednesday, February 28, 2007----------

Bryan Fischer, Executive Director-------------


My debate with an attorney who supports the banning of even the mention of intelligent design theory in classrooms will take place tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Rose Room in downtown Boise . Tickets are $10 for this ACLU-sponsored event, although students and low-income will be admitted free. I understand the hesitation many of you may feel about putting any of your money into ACLU coffers, but it would be a great encouragement to see some friendly faces in the crowd!---------------

Since students are admitted free, please encourage any high school or college students you know to attend. They may hear information about the paucity of support for evolutionary theory that has been blacked out by the scientific establishment, and may hear scientific evidence that supports intelligent design theory, again evidence their science teachers do not want them to know.---------------------

Your support and prayers, as always, are welcomed as we seek to defend our shared values of free speech, freedom of academic inquiry, and freedom of religion in the public square.

You will be encouraged to know that Dr. Bryan Pogue, the director of the Heart Prevention Clinic of Idaho, has, along with other scientifically-minded colleagues, formed an organization called "Science for Academic Freedom in Education," or "SAFE" for short. Dr. Pogue also is the advisor for the Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Club at Boise State University .-------------------------

The mission of SAFE: "Science for Academic Freedom in Education is committed to fostering a safe forum for rational scientific dialogue in Idaho . Other important goals of SAFE are to regain academic teaching freedoms threatened by recent events at Idaho institutions of higher learning, and to begin the task of revising Idaho science teaching standards to better reflect the realities of current scientific data."---------------------------

He was interviewed by the Statesman for yesterday's piece on intelligent design, although none of his interview made it into the story. He has invited the Statesman's reporter - or better, a science writer - to ask science teachers tougher questions next time they are interviewed, and to explore the issue further with true Idaho scientists, rather than with the agenda-driven band of high school science teachers who reject intelligent design theory but represent only a small slice of the teaching and academic community in Idaho. -------??!!!!!?


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