Saturday, September 01, 2007

My AWOLbush T-shirt

Since I just referenced it , here's a picture of my AWOL Bush World Domination Tour shirt from . Last I heard tho , they were sold out but hey , if enough requests come in , maybe they'll re-issue it ...(see the sign in my rear window, the hidden words are: "Choo-Choo Larry...)


"...Laugh Kookaberry , Laugh Kookaberry ..."

"... gay your life must be !?! ... "

History Happened in Boise , Idaho Today...

It was So Cool !

At the point where the Closeted Senator said ” …I will resign effective blah blah…” I tried to give the “sexy-Whoo-Hoo” whistle , but my mouth was dry so you almost don’t hear it on TV but the crowd did and started cheering . Oh yeah , just before he started speaking , this lady behind me yelled “ Don’t resign Larry ! ” , I immediately yelled ” DO ! ” , she yelled “ DON’T ! ” , so I yelled back ” DO! ,,, OK ?” ” throwing up my hands and shrugging in ‘ I’ll keep going as long as you ‘ to her and she shut-up .

As Lusty Larry was getting in his SUV to leave , I was clicking multi-pics and got one of him pushing a camera-man away ! Just before he got in I yelled : ” Larry , this is what a Holier-Than-Thou life gets you , caught living a LIE ! ” , I had So Much FUN !

I wore my Awol Bush T-shirt (from and for a bit , made eye contact with , then stood with my back to Major Garret of Faux Snooze during his break so he could read my shirt and get a taste of in-your-face Blue-Idaho .

BTW, Dana Bash of CNN seemed to be in a foul mood , could it have been the younger CNN news woman who ate up all of the air-time?