Wednesday, January 03, 2007

re: IMPEACHMENT of the BushitIdiot

Anyone who knows me knows I would LOVE to see the impeachment of the Idiot-in-"F"ingChief and I drive that view around Boise (when my '74 280C is not running, like now) , but it is WAY too early ( IMHO ) to push this nationally . Every member of the Democratic Party (and left leaning indys ) needs to push Dems Hard for laws that will benefit middle America , hold hearings ( where the Bushit Admin. cronies are under oath ) , find the truth , piss-off Americans with that truth and Then , and Only then do we push impeaching "him" and his cabinet.

Otherwise , we look as stupid and partisan as Holy Helen Chenoweth and her Dumbfuck Krew of Krazy Impeachment:

In her 1998 campaign, Chenoweth admitted to a six-year adulterous affair with a married associate. In 1995, Chenoweth had denied the affair when asked about it by The Spokane Spokesman-Review, but now she claims a pardon from a higher authority: "I've asked for God's forgiveness, and I've received it," she revealed.

SIDE NOTE: Chenoweth also claims that the government is using secret black helicopters to enforce the Endangered Species Act, which she vehemently opposes. She has broken campaign finance laws on at least two occasions.

bye,,, Nick ,,,

ps: I think Cindy Sheehan acted like a fool today when she played her hand Way Too Fast .

pps: Greg , thanks for joining and posting ( this below ) on BoiseTeaParty , you stimulated debate . Cool .

--- In, "Greg Harley" wrote:

Happy New Year! It seems a shame to start the year with a subject that everyone is probably very sick of, but you know if we let these guys get
away with it future regimes will do far worse. Please consider at least
signing the petition...


P.S. My apologies to BoiseTeaParty members if this is old news...I just

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