Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bushit Christianists are NOT CHRISTIAN !

A Disciple of Jesus Nails it on the head !

"... People who believe in the Gospels of Jesus Christ are Christians* . People who use the Gospels of Jesus Christ for political gain , and for a political program of right or left , are Christianists . And Christianism , like many "isms" , is an ideology that will corrupt faith and poison politics . It has already done both, under the auspices of this president and his acolytes . It is long past time that real Christians* took their faith back from these political charlatans. One first step is to deny them the name that they have so artfully coopted. It starts with language. It always does. "

Right Fucking ON !

I have a problem with the word ; "Christian" , tho . Jesus never spoke nor heard this word in his time on Earth . It is a word created by weak men who begat weaker men that waged Bloody , Murderous Christian War and Torture against Jesus ' s Children ; supposedly in His name , shitting on His teachings to " Love your enemies " , ...Forgive..." , etc . . Which has led to the Living Hell that is too many people's experience on planet earth . It is a word that has been bastardized by those Andrew terms Christianists , and hopefully when we learn to call a fascist a fascist , the word Christian will be something to be proud of . Imagine if early "Christians" had actually followed the law according to Jesus . Of course many would have died , been slaughtered , tortured just like Jesus said they would if they "...follow Me.." . Imagine the wonderful world we'd be living in now if ONLY "they" had the courage of their convictions . But Jesus knew about the "Evil in the Hearts of Men and Women " . He knew we'd Fuck It UP royally ! See the "fruits" of the Bushit Christianists if you doubt . . .

Those (early times ) Christianist PigFuckers decided to wage the so called Holy Crusades which America is STILL fighting today because of the fetid actions of the Commander-isa-Bushiter !


YOU are NOT a "Christian"* if you believe that:

Jesus was Pro-Tax Cut ,

Jesus was Homophobic , ,

Jesus was Pro-War , , , and

that Jesus is only Pro-American !

* true Follower of Jesus

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BoiseNick said...

( a comment from a reluctant reader)

Hi Nick,

Rants like this are chasing people off the list. I no longer recommend that people join this list and may cancel my own
subscription soon.


"Be the change you want to see"
- Gandhi