Friday, January 26, 2007

ABC TV Lies LARGE for Bushit's OWN Lies. . .

I have an Fun idea if this issue (FINALLY) turns out to have has legs this go 'round . I'mna talk to the ( brilliant ) artist ; Mike Flinn , who did this toon that I've posted up on my truck , he publishes locally in the Boise Weekly . His stuff rates up there with Mike Lukavich of the AJC in nailing the Idiot-in-Chief , you will laugh and howl heartily at his work .

I've had this Bushit DeathWhore ( "BDW" ) one riding around Boise , pissing-off RePiglicans for at least two years , it's high time for a new one . I haven't been Flipped-OFF in many months , I feel lonely and neglected ,,, ABC's love of political revisionist/Clinton-hating liars would be a Great subject . Maybe ABC Entertainment president Stephen McPherson as a new version of the "BDW" as he sucks the Bushit Idiot off towards the deadly WW III that the Prez's "work" is leading to . Hey Mike ,,, you game ? ! ?

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