Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Open Debate or Self-Censorship ?

W ,

I appreciate your writing to me 'bout this . Tho I wish you ( and another e-mailer ) would use this group for what it was created for : DEBATE ! Please post this kinda stuff on the group directly , you're not gonna shame me man , you may have noticed I have no shame , , , remember my up-side down US flag at the ProtestBushit thing in Nampa and the somewhat bi-partisan opposition to it ? I didn't self-censor then so why would I do so NOW ? Sorry dude , I just don't have a clue as how to sleep at night if I were to self-censor and tailor myself to appease other people's comfort . No can do .

I was hoping to push some buttons on this " Christianist" issue , so I guess it's : MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ! Thanks .

BTP NEEDS more debate ! Why would you want less ? We could use less " preaching to the choir " as it stands currently , but hey , that's only my opinion . In that vein , I've cross-posted this to my other groups and my blog ( your name altered for now ) , I don't like sideways-talk and attempts to keep it private . I do love open and direct debate . I'm sorry if some can't take it head on .

Our thing here is called the Boise Tea Party for a reason , does ANYBODY think the original Boston Tea Party Patriots were polite and comforting ? Ha ! They were in your face and very aggressive in expressing their opinion and as a result they Kick-Started the so-called democracy America used to be . Hell , THEY BROKE THE LAW to speak out , Damn the consequences . I wish WE had their balls-o-courage in our midst today ! Millions of we Americans will never believe that politeness and phony accord is the way to change a country for the better . I mean come ON . We are in this fucked up W-ar BECAUSE millions of Americans ( other than us ) believed the Bushit/Cheney Lies about Saddam and 911/WMD and were too polite or scared to just say NO !!!!!

I was raised to fear and give in to authority , the Man/Parent/Government was always righ... , I mean correct . I grew out of that . As true as it was in the past , the fear-mongering going on today is a great ReThuglican way to manipulate folk . My Dem father almost kicked me out of the house when ; after getting my Vietnam era Draft Card ( I was #64 to go ) in '73 or so , I talked about Canada as my alternative to Nixon's failing , bloody war . Ten years later , after some growing up himself , my father said he was sorry for his knee-jerk reaction to power and fear .

I was raised in the (Hungarian Reformed ) Church in eastern Ohio , I went to bible study in my teens & early 20's . I sang ( for years ) in a Gay/Straight/Black/White Church choir in Washington DC up to the week before I moved to Idaho . I believed in something true to ME . I still do . Then... in Boise , I saw how homophobic/political or wimpy/nice religion was . Idaho's so-called "Christian" Churches were either hateful RePigs , or weak-willed , smiling souls unwilling to rock the boat & I had had ENOUGH ! . Their spiritual fruits were Very unlike Jesus , Jesus was a Radical remember , not a nice guy to idiots and fools . I haven't been in a Church in years , other than secular meetings and music , there is sadly very little in a church with which to grow a soul in our Gem State .

Then I started to grow up further . And lose fear . Slowly . But surely .

I started the signs on my truck in '98 out of outrage over the Christian Extremist Clinton Sexual WitchHunt . Holy Helen Chenoweth and her married lover hypocrisy and all . You have NO idea how afraid I was at first , I had the fine , "Christian " folk of Boise pointing their finger at me like guns , pious screaming harpies threatening and flipping me off and all sorts-o-fun from these Un-American cretins . But not as many as confronted me as a man as they did my girlfriend . It was indicative of their hypocritical religionist outrage . When she drove the truck , they were twice as likely to spew and threaten to slew her as a (subservient? ) woman as they were to me . What Mel Pigson BraveHearts !

Unfortunately , our 21st century America is too fat , comfortable and adverse to conflict to speak out in a strong , factual way , hence the "truthiness" Bushit American nightmare we live in today .

I stopped posting news or (other people's ) commentary long ago because most of us here have already seen it . Why bother ? I also don't express my opinion , or fail to stand up for my beliefs in order to make friends or gain support like so many Dems do . Can you recall Gore/internet or Kerry/SwiftBoat without understanding ? I may have started this all before I ever heard of Keith Olbermann and his rants , but I consider him a brother-in-words ( if that's not too presumptive of me ) . I forcefully express what is on my mind , what is pissing me off Now . I can't stop and think : " Mmmm , what will keep comfortable people comfortable ? " . That is what's wrong with the Left and the media . RePigs call us all kinds of vile names and accuse us of giving " aid & comfort " to the enemy and the most we can say is : " No sir ! " . What pussyness ! We MUST ; if we don't want a horrible Theocracy as " The Handmaid's Tale " shows can happen , forcefully point out how they are "giving aid and comfort " thru their Bushit Spies , Lies and Total Christianist Ignorance . The fourth estate , our media is supposed to "...afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted ..." , in order to keep us free . HAH ! Since I don't own a newspaper or TV channel , I do what I can , where I can .

your troublesome friend , Nick

ps: we all know 'bout the Evil , Hateful MFers that lynched black Americans up into the '50's . WAY too many of America's "Christian" southerners proudly posed for pictures next to the brutally mutilated bodies of their victims . They then hung these vile pics next to their honored pic of Jesus . Where do you think these fetid fools went ? Did they disappear ? No , they went right into the RepubliKKKanHomophobia game is my conclusion . Can't hate Blacks ? Hate them Goddddimmm Fagggggots is their new claim to infamy . And they get away with it . I have NO problem with true Christians , just the Christianist Extremists in the tent . I believe in the teachings of Jesus , I just don't see much Christian "walk the Talk " from the " Christians " among us . Other than that , if you have further questions/comments about my beliefs and/or writings ? PLEASE , ask me , my bark is much worse than my bite . Just post it in the blog comments or on this group . If you don't want to read what I write ? Don't read it , or better yet , DEBATE IT ! Leaving the group seems so , , , un-democratic Thx .

C W wrote:
Hi Nick,

Rants like this are chasing people off the list. I no longer recommend that people join this list and may cancel my own
subscription soon.


"Be the change you want to see"
- Gandhi

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