Monday, May 05, 2008

Hillary destroying Dems ? NO PROBLEMA !

(whisper) in an alternate universe : if Hillary does succeed in totally destroying the Democratic Party , we celebrate it !

Let her have the Blue Dogs , , ,

hen , we start a New Dem Coalition and run Obama as a third Party peoples oriented candidate with $5 & 10 contribution requests , regularly . We tell America the honest truth , show them examples of the way out of this Repub/Dem created mess as Corporate Hill 'n McSame (Pete & RePete) continue to pander . They become joined at the hip of foolishness (Both wanna nuke Iran & Gas Company Holiday) and they bleed each other's votes ! We don't go as far left as some third Party advocates wish , but we give Hope to a new way .

then , B following A , preceding C and alota Work , , , We WIN !

or if not win , at least we don't lose working for Pete & RePete and we change history .

BTW , , ,

is Bill making ladies faint at campaign events because he's already , uhhhmmmm , known them in a Biblical way ?

Just askin' - - -

We now return to regular programming ...


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