Thursday, August 23, 2007

TWO can play THAT game (or),,, Watch OUT what's Following YOU !

Just heard Chuck Todd of Roll Call say (on HARDBALL!) that since desperate R's in Cali-"F"ing-fornia are considering whether to put a ballot referendum on fast-track (effective in '08 !) to split up their electoral votes ; giving RePIMPlicans almost half of the states tally from a former safe (TOTAL) Dem win ?

HHHMMMmmmmmmmmmmm , , ,

There are ( he said,) something like 6 or 7 states where the Idiot-in-Bushit won the electoral vote in '04 but the legislature is (drum roll...) controlled by DEMOCRATS !

WHOO HOO ! Let's PLAY that game Shriner !

Uhh-O , , , I am expecting a nationally unified and spine-of-steel Democratic Party to pull THAT off .

OH ,,, ( "F"ing ) WELL . . .


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