Friday, August 24, 2007

Father Of G.I. Who Died Mysteriously In Iraq Speaks Out - Wants Investigation Reopened


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lavena_sidebar_right.jpg dr_john_johnson_vfp.jpg Via The Pfc. LaVena Johnson Petition:

Dr. Johnson spoke last Friday at the Veterans for Peace speakout on sexual assault in the military outside the Robert A. Young Federal Building in downtown St. Louis. This was just one of many events and workshops comprising the 22nd annual national convention of VFP. More material relating to the convention will be posted here as soon as I can get to it.

In the video embedded here, Dr. Johnson talks about learning of LaVena’s death, his suspicions about how she died, and the family’s attempts to get the Army to reopen its investigation. He is introduced by antiwar activist and retired Army colonel Ann Wright. Read more…

Many of you have heard this….LaVena’s family firmly believes that she was murdered, but the military is calling her death a suicide and refuses to reopen the case. Read LaVena’s story and sign the petition here. Nicole covered this story back in March, but the family still hasn’t gotten anywhere so I thought I’d give them more exposure.

We know that George Bush and the military are still covering up the truth about the murder of Pat Tillman and lied about Jessica Lynch’s story so why should we trust we’re getting the truth about LaVena’s death? Either way it’s a lose - lose for the family whether she was murdered or not.

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