Friday, May 25, 2007


A fellow traveler at work asked for this link to yesterday's presser where a wise bird expressed his/her opinion ,,, as the Bushit pResident told the assembled media whores of his confidence (*cough*blowjob!) in NO-Alibi GONE?zales .

As I was composing this short email , I figured , why not make it a longer Gee-Dubya B.L.O.W.S. blog-post ?!? So here ya go :


Bonus Video ( HoseNose !WARNING! ) :

Daily Show NAILS the "Immaculate Deception" in the U.S. Justice Department :

Extra Crap:
I took this cool "quiz" this morn ,,, I'm a "Spiritual Atheist" according to them, but I'm much more of a Deist than an ,,, A-theist . WhadRyou?

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