Sunday, December 03, 2006

It AIN'T Terrrrrriizzuuum if a White Guy or Christian does it...

A white supremacist was recently sentenced for his attempted bloody terrorism. Remember Bill Orilliy , Chris "Tweety" Matthews and Sean insHannity ranting their warnings about this threat to democracy from the American Reich?

Crocker, who told undercover FBI agents of his desire to explode a briefcase bomb while Congress was in session, was found guilty by a jury in about 90 minutes in April.

Oh yeah,,,they and much of the media didn't of course. No story here, move along. But I bet every newsy American knows about a tow-truck driver with a blowtorch and his bogus, evil plot to take down the Brooklyn Bridge tho. Because in CorporateWhoreMedialand, Don Quijote stories about our national security are more important than real threats and events. We wouldn't want to interfere with furthering the corporate whore meme ; "It's just brown-skinned Muslim people we gotta worry about, not white Christians..." . Would we,,,HHHmmmmm?

And then there is this KrazyKhristianKook who our beloved media virtually ignored just last month:

"He doesn't believe they were practicing and applying the Bible the way he thought it should be. He thought there should be a strict, narrow interpretation of the Bible," Warren County Sheriff Larry Cleveland said.

Just like they didn't cover another biblebrother-in-arms, this Christian Terrorist , back in July '04. The dreaded whine of: "...too close to an election..." probably came up in editorial meetings. Being the responsible Fourth Estate folk they are, they sat on it for the time being, you know.

So,,,what happened after the election ?

What The Fuck's goin' on NOW that they can't cover ongoing Christiofascism in America?!?!?


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