Friday, December 08, 2006

Can we just uhmm,,,KillBill INSTEAD ?

...Just Kid-ding as Bill Maher would say, HaHa .


But whata DumbFuckDemagogue our pal Billo is. Here's his latest craziness (12-5-6):

"...we (may) have to, (for) example, you know, ( DUH,) level cities like Tehran, kill hundreds of thousands of (OTHER ) people, which... (others) may have to do..." (remaining in-audible due to slobbering and gnashing of teeth)

The funniest thing about the FalafelKid is that he actually believes his fetid shtick . The shtick that says: "My opinion is Fact, and yours is pure horseshit..." . Mr Orally is the human-looking male who has the nerve to say "The NO Spin Zone" applies to the twist he places on EVERY freakin' issue. Can you say: ( phony ) WarOnXmas ?

And this dickwad sperms it sideways on more important things than the weather or local sports. Kinda like your annoying know-it-all and very creepy uncle with that bad aftershave covering his bad smells and bad excuses covering...? Bad,,, touch MMmmmm (wink) ?

I mean COME (LOO) "F" (AH) ing ON ! We ALL know that everything Orilly says is just aNother turn of the mind-screw , more of his asshole opinion just like the rest of us. There would not be a problem HE were to acknowledge this ,,,BUT,

Here's the Diff :

You and I know that much if not most of what we say, write, or expound upon is spin, just our opinion.
Again, No problema.

Mr. Bill on the other hand, believes his word is THE Word (of GawdBill) on whatever XY or Z is the hot topic at our American political/cultural kitchen table .

So the question for today is:

Bill Oreilly ,,, insane or murder crazy ? We already know he's a ChickenHawk, but for now the only question is,,, is Billo FUCKING INSANE ? Or does he just have Murder in his dark heart ?

Only the...Shadow knows, Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm hmHMMMMMMMm !

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