Tuesday, November 13, 2007

THE early days of Nazi Germany

, , , remind me of Today's " Fox Noise " AmeriKKKa , just in a different hat* ! On one of my favorite blogs ; News Hounds, today's daily roll ( 11-13-07) serves as a chilling example :

O'Reilly Squad Ambushes Newspaper Editor, Roger Olglesby, At His Home

Reported by Deborah - Tue 5:42 PM

Bill O'Reilly thinks it's just fine to ambush people on their private property just to get a clip of them to use for his next attack on The Factor. Last night BOR aired another instance of what he calls " ambush journalism" showing producer Jesse Waters following Seattle Post Intelligencer Editor, Roger Oglesby , up his driveway and into his carport. Waters didn't even stop his badgering when reminded him he was on private property. with video

Shepard Smith Said We Have To Keep Things Fair & Balanced, So We Have To Speak About Democrats

Reported by Donna - Tue 4:30 PM

During the overwhelming coverage of the OJ trial, of which Smith is still hyped up about, he broke in and said they had to be fair and balanced, they had talked about the Republicans so now they had to talk about the Democrats.

Major Garrett came on to do the Democratic segment and he corrected Smith saying we don't have to do this segment we get to do this segment, He said he was pumped up about it. (Comment: So Major Garrett is admitting they're not fair and balanced?)

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Courtney Pilchman, Former Prosecutor Says Teacher Who Abducted Student Ought To Be Burned

Reported by Donna - Tue 4:25 PM

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had a segment on about the teacher who abducted her student and fled to Mexico. (She has since been returned) Seems there may be a discrepancy in the age of the boy. He may be 16 instead of 13. Studio B brought up the fact that the boy was an illegal immigrant and his birth certificate was from Mexico.

Smith had on a Defense lawyer, Monica Lindstrom and former Prosecutor, Courtney Pilchman.

The segment was pretty basic until the end when Pilchman said something odd.

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O'Reilly Sics FOX News Lawyers On Blogger Critic

Reported by Ellen - Tue 1:21 PM

FOX News double standard: it's OK for Bill OReilly's producer to ambush someone at home but when a blogger does it to Bill O'Reilly, it's grounds for legal action. FOX News bully Bill O'Reilly sicced FOX News lawyers on bloger/critic Mike Stark, asking his law school to investigate his conduct and threatening legal action. Raw Story has the details. Developing.

Fox & Friends Goes After Hillary Clinton - Again & Again, Uses Conservative Guests Ronald Kessler & Brent Bozell, No Democratic Guests Allowed

Reported by Donna - Tue 9:30 AM

Fox and Friends devoted two segments to bashing Hillary Clinton today in their 6 to 8 a.m. est time period. First they had the author, Ronald Kessler, (Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of Newsmax.com,) on his book, 'The Terrorist Watch' (with the banner 'in stores today') who said we are winning the war in Iraq. He said we were tremendously successful and you won't see that headline in the Washington Post or the NY Times and that's why we haven't been attacked.

He said saying otherwise was all untrue. The American people had been bamboozled. He said that Hillary and Obama voted to give Osama Bin Laden the same rights as Americans. He said they couldn't intercept a call from Bin Laden in Pakistan to someone in Pakistan. And Doocy amd Kilmeade were there supporting him.

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In Racial Profiling Discussion, Guest Rod Wheeler Imitates Chinese People By Pulling At His Eyes

Reported by Ellen - Tue 4:46 AM

Chalk up police pundit Rod Wheeler as the latest Ann Coulter wannabe. Wheeler, an African American, argued on last night’s Hannity & Colmes that it was perfectly appropriate to describe a suspect as Hispanic (as opposed to black, white, etc.) over the objections of his Hispanic opposing guest, Mayra Nieves, who said that race, not ethnicity, ought to be the descriptor, given that there’s no Hispanic “look.” Wheeler described a Hispanic male’s appearance by contrasting it with an African American “who speaks English” and “not a Chinese male with his eyes like this.” Wheeler pulled at the corners of his eyes as he spoke. With video.

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“Media Watchdog” Brent Bozell Criticizes Movie He Admits He Never Saw

Reported by Ellen - Tue 2:26 AM

Hannity & Colmes offered another glimpse of what passes for “fair and balanced” on FOX News last night (11/12/07) when they hosted Brent Bozell as the only guest in a discussion about Robert Redford’s new movie, Lions for Lambs. Bozell wasted no time attacking the movie as anti-American and anti-military. But when Alan Colmes asked for the details of just how the film had trashed the military, Bozell couldn't offer any. He admitted he had not seen it. His “explanation” was, “I know Robert Redford.” With video.

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Bill O'Reilly Calls On Culture Mob To Protest Mark Cuban's Film "Redacted"

Reported by Deborah - Mon 10:37 PM

Bill O'Reilly had a major fit tonight because Mark Cuban reacted to his relentless attacks with a public statement in Las Vegas claiming " Bill O'Reilly is my new best friend".So BOR did his usual evil far left routine distorting Cuban's statement so it could be framed as an attack. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer got some of the heat and viewers were treated to another absurd ambush from Jesse Waters. However, O'Reilly's hate for Cuban was so extreme that he called his viewers to take action against him.
with video

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* if bin Laden , himself were the President of the United States , he couldn't have done a more covert job for al Qaeda's betterment and against traditional American values than our Very Own Bushit Idiot , , ,



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