Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Please, Please, PLEASE... Attack me ! Call me a traitor or commie, tell me to get a job or some other GOP idiot crap you-all spew when Liberals protest.

I'm starting to feel ignored (sigh), and I need your disapproval. Where have you been? I wear your distain as a badge of honor, you know. And that's the only thing I agree with "Drug"Rush on.

I highly value liberal/progressive feedback and participation on this GWBLOWS blog. But I STRONGLY encourage and fervently solicit Bushit WingNut participation as your incoherant rants are SOOO fun, enlightening and historically ignorant .

But I know that BushitReThugliKKKans are just Big Pussies and only speak out when their asses are covered. So I'll probably wait and wait.

What I want, what I need, shit, what I crave is your BushitLoverFuck condemning, judgemental crazyness to wash over me like the spoodge of wanton "W" lust your kind spew on the CorporateCableWhore tv shows and CrazyFukAMRadio . But history shows you'll only do it when you fetid fools are in the majority, only when you have the fix in, ONLY when you are safe in your Bushit...

Try it here, try promoting BushLies on this blog. I promise to let you speak your mind (as long as you have one) and I'll respect you every bit as much as you respect me. Sorta like the "escalation of violence" policy cops use in a confrontation. You spit on me, I'll grab you...you smack me, I'll hit you hard...you smash me...well lets just say I'll have verbal, sadistic fun with your lunatic idiocy.

PLEASE report me ( IF, you are a Patriot) to Sean "LiesAlot" Insannity, Bill "Loofah" O'Really ( KeithOlbermannKeithOlbermannKeithOlbermann!) or DrugRush LimpBagg . Those HoseBags will surely set me Reich.

Duh...I forgot, WingNut BushBlowers are PussyCowards and I'll be twiddling my Liberal e-thumbs waiting for any confrontation and joy. Oh well...

The pic is the latest ProtestBushit truck sign I've been riding around Boise lately. I get alot of thumbs up from folk on the road but my favorite reaction is when BushitWingNuts flip me off or yell at me. The only problem is... Neo-ConLovers here in Boise are like Most ReThugs, TyrantPussies who only speak up if my girlfriend is driving the truck. They NEVER get into it when I'm driving and my disapointment is eternal and boundless.

Liberal readers will please forward my rants to any WingNut friend or associate available.


I await your feedback...

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Hey Moonbat, 1st The reason Crapo got all those contributions is because of the vast amounts of wealth Idahoites have made due to the policies of the Repuplicans. That is why they spend most of their time on vacation in the Caribbean.As usual the Left is all about the fight against Capitalism. It hurts you all to see people earn a living. Try it sometime. As you can see on my very first post at my blog the road to success often involves taking it like a man.

And yeah I just heard about Scooter the Rat. I already posted about that on my last post.

We do agree on one thing. Women can make their own decisions. There are exceptions to the rule. Have you ever been to South Dakota? Pretty simple people right? Exactly. If they're to stupid to moooove from a place like South Dakota they're to stupid to make life/death decisions.

BTW - Only pussies have comment moderation on. I bet you won't put this one on. The Truth hurts.

Now go get a job.